I'm SOOOOO behind!

So, it was a crazy-hectic Summer, and I've been a horrible blogger. I have so many race reports to post that I don't know where to begin. I started writing my report on the Worcester Half-Marathon, but decided to shelf it until after Lex's Run because there were so many things that I learned (as-in what NOT to do when organizing/directing a race), but I wanted to refrain fro fear of jinxing myself. So, look for that report to be published soon, because I think it's important that some of those things be said.

I also had a great time running in the Marathon Sports 5-Miler (team challenge was fun) and that report is also forthcoming. The most important race report of the Summer which should be highly entertaining is the report of the birth of my second daughter Charlotte. Lex and I had a beautiful home-birth experience, and there is a lot that NEEDS to be said about our experience specifically but also many things we learned about the home-birth -vs- hospital birth, sticking to your birth-plan, and remembering that obstetrician's are surgeons after all...

I'm also going to put-up a race report and some pictures of Lex's Run 2010. Although it will be a race report from the perspective of the Race Director, it should be a fun and interesting read. Maybe it will inspire others to go out and put on their own races, or maybe it will scare people enough that they will never want to go out on that limb. Hopefully, it will at least inspire people to raise money for charity. The experience is so worthwhile...

And last but not least there is another post I've been working on about "What's Next?" What does the future hold for me, what are my plans, where do my running/racing plans fit-in with my family, and what does my schedule look like for the next year.

Man, I've got a lot of writing to do... Better get to work!


  1. I didn't know you ran the Marathon Sports 5 Miler - so did Tom - too funny! Looking forward to reading all of your upcoming race reports and thanks again for a phenomenal experience at Lexs Run.

  2. Get to it Brother!