Vermont 50 Recap (Part 1 - Provision)

Read it here - http://wp.me/p1Hy1Y-1w

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I've officially moved my blog over to Wordpress since I've written several new posts over there and I even have my own URL now. So, if you haven't done so, check out my new digs:

Just Keep Moving (originally published 7/23/11)

Vision Quest (originally published 8/25/11)

Endurance (originally published 8/29/11)

Providence (a rumination from 2005)

Never Forget (published 9/11/11)

I'll keep posting links to my new blogs here as I publish them. That is until I figure-out how to change my "networked blogs" page and get everything completely moved over (which could be a while).

There is no tomorrow, go out and get it today!