I am really not a runner.

However, I started on a journey in March of this year, and it's been an incredible one. I've always wanted to start a blog, but the thought of having to come up with fresh ideas, topics or experiences presented a daunting challenge. I never thought my life, or anything I would do would be interesting enough to write about. Nor did I think I could be creative enough to maintain a blog (it seemed like the exclusive territory of comedians, pundits, artists or people FAR more interesting and witty than myself).

Today, I was telling my story to an old friend on Facebook and realized that I actually have quite a bit to say about running and the journey I am on. In fact, I can ramble on for what seems like forever about all of the things I'm going through, what it means to me, juggling it with work and family, etc. Besides, it seems like every day presents a new challenge, a new experience, new emotion, or new source of inspiration for me to write about. So, I am going to give this blogging thing a shot. Bear with me as I'm sure there will be a learning curve...

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