Writer's Block (again)

So, once again I find myself with so much to say and so few words to say it. I guess everyone goes through periods like this, only mine seem more frequent than others. I will soon resume blogging as usual, but I want to give a preview of what I need to write about:

I'll be putting together a 2010 year in review of course. I also have a couple of race reports that I can probably combine into one to highlight my quest for and achievement of a new 5k PR. I also have to kick it  into high gear in the fundraising arena with a bunch of product donations to give away in exchange for financial donations to my "Miles for Miracles" campaign. I'll be giving away some more Brooks Running shoes, a pair of calf sleeves and a tech shirt from Zensah, a running watch from Soleus Running, some Punk Rock Racing gear, a runnerd headband from Go Headband, signed copies of Mary McManus' books,  and many more to come...

I'll also be doing my very first product review! Yay!

So, lots to look forward to here, if I can just get the words out of my head.

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