"36k for Miracles" Official Participants List

Wow! Once again I am totally blown away by the support I've received from the running community! I'm well on my way to raising that $10,000 for Children's Hospital! I'm sitting here thinking about all of you who've reached-out and offered support for what I'm doing tomorrow and I'm simply overwhelmed. Hopefully the emotion will carry me to speedy finishes! 

Let's not forget the reason that I started running for Children's Hospital Boston... To honor the memory of a beautiful little girl named Brenya Elizabeth Sullivan. The brightest lights are too often fleeting.

3/2/09 - 10/18/09 R.I.P.
I'll be thinking a lot about Brenya and her parents tomorrow. Many times when I've felt like I can't go on in a particularly long or tough race, Brenya has carried me through to the finish. The simple act of mindfulness, of being aware of why I'm running, somehow lightens the burden of the pain and whatever suffering I am going through at the moment. It is my sincere hope that all of you will think of Brenya and know that what you are doing tomorrow will help children like Brenya and their families.

There is no tomorrow. Go out and get it today!

5k - 21:54

Matt Wilson (@luau) 19:58
Kathleen Coffey
Susan Brilla (@SuziStorm)
Michel Martin (@BabyWeightMFA)
Jessica Hirschhorn
Paula Kiger (@biggreenpen)
Jennifer Whitter (@jenn_if_er)
Hollis Pyatt (@knitahollis)
Alexis Welch (@superlecks)
Jen Conklin (@JediJen31)
Eric Bristol 
Amanda Villagomez
Melody Baguakas (@MrsKnitpho)
Muriel Singer (@murielsinger)
Michael Yoon
Ashley Niven (@anivs18)
Ruth Anne McManus
Susan Nofi-Bendci
Heather Gannoe (@runfastermommy)

10k - 48:12

Matt Wilson (@luau) 41:02
Magda Riche-Lidstrom
Ed Schober (@edschober) 53:20
Nicole Santomauro
Patrick Pezzati
Julie Coppenrath
Sandy Baguskas (@trifatlete)
Michael Yoon
David Murphy (@runlikeamug)
Sean Wandrei (@seanwandrei)
Susan Nofi-Bendci

13.1 - 2:01:57

Matt Wilson (@luau1:32:00
Donna Schober (@ubermom30)
Ron Harvey (@PunkRockRunner)
Coleman Myron
Heather Waterman (@wickedphysics)
Sara Wutzke
Chris Duffy (@chrisduffy)
Arthur Dembro

36k - 3:11:28

Matt Wilson (@luau) 2:33:00
Jacquelyn Almond (@jacqialmond) 
Bill Sodeman (@billsoFIT)
Stu Altenhaus (@saltenhaus)
Brian Adkins (@marathonbrian) 3:31:00
Peter Larson (@oblinkin)
Angelica Simmons (@trustlawgroup)
Carol Nolan (@cnolan3000)
M Elisabeth Skibba (@seeskibbarun)
Adam Monty (@adamm9)

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  1. Great group!! I am proud to be the front of the pack (rare), middle of the pack (still pretty rare) and back of the pack (typical) for the Tallahassee, FL, 5K field!!