Working Title: The Bataan (Boston) Death March

I'll be writing a full and proper race report as soon as I get my head around everything that happened out there today. In the meantime here's a quick summary:

Today I ran my second Boston Marathon (and my second-ever marathon). I completed it in 3:58:25 which is a 15:44 PR for me, which is HUGE! However, the time is a bit deceiving . I made a few critical mistakes, but I've learned from them. I had what I thought was a solid plan going in and all indications this morning were pointing to a great day for me... until I realized I'd set a Half-Marathon PR by almost 5 minutes (not what I thought I wanted to do) and paid for it later. The last 10 miles were literally a "death march" through the Newton Hills and up Beacon St. It's really hard to be disappointed with a 15:44 PR, but things did not go my way today. I'm going out on a limb and saying that think I'm done with Boston for now. At least until I run my BQ. It's just so sad that my training was there to take me to that BQ, but today just wasn't my day.

There is no tomorrow! Go and get it TODAY!


  1. I wish I had some brilliant, filled-with-perspective, reassuring, SOMETHING to say. I haven't ever run a marathon and probably never will, so please know that this achievement (at whatever time) really gains my respect. As far as "your plan" not working, it sounds like you are not alone! I suppose I am looking forward to hearing about the "death march" but I think I'm going to be feeling some kind of empathy pains. But bring it anyway. After the Guinness, of course.

  2. Congrats buddy! You got a half marathon PR and you persisted through the worst 10 miles of your running life to finish the Boston Marathon.

    The thing that impressed me so much about Sarah's 5:25 Boston Marathon last year was that she persisted through 23 miles of pain that grew with every mile. She didn't give up and neither did you. I guess our plans don't always work out, but when you persist anyway it really says a lot about you.

    I've found inspiration in your training over the past year at least a dozen times and today makes it 13 (actually 14, cause like I said above, you inspired me twice today). Keep on writing about your running journey Doug and thanks for everything so far!

  3. Congratulations on a huge PR! I know I rarely comment but I read your blog whenever you post and I was thinking about you yesterday when I was watching from the Newton hills. (We were watching from the 30K mark). I told my husband that you were running it and about your running plan and we were both wondering how it all went for you. Sounds like you had a rough last 10 miles but like the last comment said, you persisted through them and that's a victory in and of itself. Also you can't complain about a 15:44 PR! Next time I tackle the marathon I hope to cut about 15 minutes off my first time too so I definitely admire that fact that you did that! WTG and I'm looking forward to reading the full report!

  4. Well, I'm going to say congrats on the huge PR - the best races are sometimes the ones where you learn the most, so hopefully you can take that and celebrate your accomplishment! congratulations!!

  5. Thanks all! The full race report is probably going to be on-hold for a bit while I struggle to get the proper perspective on everything that happened (and didn't)...

  6. Great run. Any time you PR, it's a great run and well worth the effort. Your first Boston! Way to go!
    It was a good day to run, the sun was on us and the wind behind us. Couldn't ask for more.

  7. I can totally relate, Doug. I ran a huge PR in Boston was way off my race plan. I've been going back and forth between being really darn proud and completely disappointed.

    In the end, we know we pushed ourselves with a huge goal and went for it. And I think that's pretty awesome in itself. :)

    No doubt you'll come back ready for the next one, whatever race that ends up being, and rock that BQ.

    PS: I check in here to see if you've posted a full report yet ... hoping it's coming soon!! :)

  8. Rough day for the NERTs brother. We'll be back at it.